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    怎样保护动物 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-09-14 14:52

    怎样保护动物 英语作文

    本文是小编精心编辑的怎样保护动物 英语作文,希望能帮助到你!

    怎样保护动物 英语作文篇一

    Let's take a look at the weather in Shanxi Province for the next 24 hours.Taiyuan would be cloudy at the time with the temperature from eighteen to twenty-eight.A strong wind would reach Datong, which could cause much rain,The temperature would be sixteen to twenty-six.Yangquan would be sunny with the highest temperature of thirty degree. Linfen would be windy and its temperature would be twenty-three to thirty-two.We would have a sunny and hot day in Yuncheng.Its temperature would stay between twenty-eight to thirty-four.

    怎样保护动物 英语作文篇二

    Animal is the friend of mankind, is an important part of the natural ecosystem. It is human precious naturalresources. Protect animals to maintain natural ecological balance has important significance.

    But now many animals are facing the danger of extinction.With the development of society, pesticide used and serious pollution, city sewage .The wild animal living area is becoming increasingly narrow. Many of the animal is facing a food crisis currently . What's more, in order to obtain wild animal of precious materials, humans are killing animals.

    In order to maintain ecological balance, we should take some effective measures to protect animals.We should develop pollution standards to reduce emission of toxic substances, prevent the killing of some rare animals strictly. We can also establish a national park as a wild animal protection area. The most important thing is to improve people 's knowledge of animal care.

    Let us join hands in creating a harmonious coexistence of human and animal beautiful homes!

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